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Step 7: sustainable excellence

The future in mind

The EFQM Excellence Award (EEA) is the most prestigious European award for organisational management. Only carefully selected companies are rewarded for their efforts annually. In step 7, an organisation can prepare for an EFQM Award Assessment. In a three-day EFQM Assessor Training course at EFQM many tips and tricks are passed on. During this training, participants are trained to use the tools of the EFQM Excellence Model to assess another (different from their own) organisation, to determine the strengths and areas for improvement and how to value them (RADAR scoring).

Participants in step 7 can apply to participate in the EFQM Excellence Award program. Depending on the assessment results recognition can consist of an EFQM Excellence Prize for one or more Fundamental Concepts. The ultimate reward is winning EFQM Excellence Award, for which an organisation has demonstrated to be a true role model and is committed to a sustainable future.

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