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About Improve4all

Improve4all is a dynamic management consultancy agency that supports organisations in their search for sustainable excellence. Improve4all is not restricted by boundaries and is active globally. The service offerings of Improve4all are also broadly focussed: all stakeholders - both inside and outside the organisation - play a role in the Journey towards Sustainable Excellence.

What can Improve4all mean for you?
Jacqueline van Rijswijk

Jacqueline van Rijswijk

Jacqueline van Rijswijk (1966) studied business economics at Fontys College in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. After her studies she started her career at Philips (1987). Over the years she held various senior positions in the Finance & Accounting sector. With the introduction of the EFQM Excellence Model within Philips

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Working on sustainable excellence is not as hard as it seems. Please feel free to contact us and discover how Improve4all can also support your organisation in the search for a sustainable future.