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EFQM training Leaders for Excellence
PostedJuly 24, 2013, in  Step 4: continuous improvement
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Leaders for Excellence is designed to train managers to use the EFQM Excellence Model during their daily activities. Using a real EFQM Management Document, and simple and effective tools, participants learn to identify areas for improvement and to address them in a structured way.

Leaders reaching higher levels of performance (source: EFQM).

Link with practice

On request Improve4all provides L4E training all over the world. To organizations united in a shared commitment: to develop management skills. The training consists of a combination of exercises, discussions and presentations. Theory is immediately applied to a real case study. As a result the training provides instant added value.  

For every type of organization

During the training several effective tools and insights are shared in a short period of time. The Business Excellence Matrix (BEM) is one of those tools. The knowledge gained can be applied in any organization, both public and private, regardless of organisational size. Afterward the participants are familiar with the basic principles of the EFQM Excellence Model and they are able to apply the RADAR-logic in their own working environment. In addition, participants can make the transition from identifying to addressing actual areas for improvement.  

EFQM Leaders for Excellence certification levels (source: EFQM).

The reward

The training is concluded with a test. With a positive result an official certificate EFQM Leaders for Excellence - Level 1 is awarded. When successfully completing a self-assessment or improvement project within one year, the EFQM Leaders for Excellence - Level 2 certificate is awarded.  


‘All growth is a leap in the dark’, said the American writer Henry Miller. But that's no reason to stop moving. True leaders have the courage to take a critical look at both themselves and their organization. The L4E-training can help you, so please contact us for more information.  

Next week: self-assessment using the EFQM Matrix tools.

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PostedJuly 24, 2013, in Step 4: continuous improvement
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