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Towards a sustainable future
PostedMay 08, 2013, in  Step 0: go / no go
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The ones that preach change should also take a critical look at themselves. Technology continues to develop rapidly, which creates many new opportunities and challenges. The question is: what do you do with it? Sit back and rely on past successes? But this does not provide any guarantees for the future. The point is to look ahead and keep developing, both in form and content! This is reflected among other things in this brand new website. Welcome to Improve4all - The Next Level.

Improve4all shows the way (Illustration Ivo van Leeuwen)

Working towards a sustainable future

The regular followers of this blog know the drill: every week we take a new step in our journey towards sustainable excellence. Especially with the EFQM Excellence Model as our base, we show how each organization can work towards a sustainable future in a financial and non-financial sense. This is not always an easy process, but he who takes the right steps sees quick results. Improve4all facilitates this. Through workshops, advice and coaching the Journey towards Sustainable Excellence is made tangible.  

Make a choice

Every journey begins with a decision: do we leave or do we stay home? If you want to reach for sustainable excellence, you will have to take a critical look at yourself. Improve4all helps to make informed choices and to oversee the possible implications and the people, who opt for change, can rely on appropriate support. This does not mean that it will be all provided for, but Improve4all will empower the organisation to do the change themselves.  

Become a role model

Together we are building organisations that distinguish themselves from others and possibly become the role model for a sustainable future. Consider the EFQM Award winners, as they are inspiring organizations that understand and use the benefits of sustainable excellence. Share experiences and inspire each other, which is typically EFQM. Step by step working on the future, while we pass new stops on our journey towards sustainable excellence. Where necessary Improve4all continues to show the way, now and in the future. Because we believe that excellent organizations make the world a better place.

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PostedMay 08, 2013, in Step 0: go / no go
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