Water: indispensable and underexposed

Innovations, opportunities and challenges
PostedApril 08, 2015, in  Step 7: sustainable excellence
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In the research report, Global Risks 2015, it was stated quite clearly: of all the possible risks, a water crisis has the biggest impact. All the more reason to do something about that. That starts with gathering knowledge.    


The Guardian is taking the lead. A specific ‘water hub’ has been developed on the website, where current news and smart innovations in water management are presented. From water saving, collapsible toilets to ultra-efficient showers. From lasers that cause condensation to smart systems that can trace water leakages. Individual or corporate: the site is packed with tips and background information.  

Source: www.pixabay.com

Excellence journey

The Guardian Water Hub is sponsored by Grundfos, a Danish pump manufacturer. Grundfos has 19,000 employees spread over 60 countries. Sustainability plays an important part in the company, and the EFQM Excellence Model is the gauge. The ‘Excellence journey’ started as early as 1996. Since then significant steps have been taken, but the end is not yet in sight. Lars Aagaard, Group Executive Vice President: ‘We are on a continuous journey for achieving a higher degree of sustainability in all we do.’ (…) ‘In Grundfos we walk the talk, and will not emit more CO2 than we did in 2008, even though we have an increasing production every year.’  

Water for life

The United Nations have also embraced the ‘water’ theme. In fact: because water is irreplaceable and essential to life, the period 2005-2015 has been labelled ‘Water-decade’. Under the motto ‘Water for life’ action is being taken for clean water. For example, digging new water wells, purification of water sources, installation of sewage systems and the construction of simple, hygienic toilets.    


Taken for granted?

It remains relatively quiet in the corporate world. Apart from the (soft) drinks industry there are few organization that have listed water as a strategic and operational area for attention. To some extent that is understandable; after all, in the Western world there is no shortage of water. But this is still a cause for concern because the supply of clean and safe (drinking) water should not be taken for granted. The world is changing rapidly. Sooner or later this will impact the availability of commodities, water in particular. A good reason to critically examine our own water management.    

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PostedApril 08, 2015, in Step 7: sustainable excellence
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