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Future proof business with EP&L
PostedAugust 19, 2015, in  Step 7: sustainable excellence
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Luxury goods and sports products are sold in 120 countries worldwide. Design is important, but there is also an eye for the story behind the product. Under the motto ‘Fashioning the Future’ sustainability plays a fundamental role at Kering. Using the Environmental Profit and Loss Account the entire chain of this multinational is continuously analyzed. A practical method that is now available to everyone at no cost.

Future proof business

Sustainability is the life blood at Kering. From the realization that the environment is vulnerable, but also understanding that sustainability provides knowledge: more knowledge of business processes and more attention to opportunities and risks. That knowledge is used to set up more efficient processes and to stimulate innovation. Transparency is important because it is good for both the suppliers and financial stakeholders. In short: at Kering sustainability is regarded as a question of future proof business.    

Source: bteam.org

Ecological footprint

The common denominator is the Environmental Profit and Loss Account (EP&L), described by Kering as ‘an innovative tool to increase Kering’s understanding of the environmental impact of business, in order to take better decisions that will help to improve the way we do our business in a more sustainable way’. Using the EP&L the ecological footprint of all company activities across the entire chain is measured. The results are then translated into monetary value. That is crucial because then ‘sustainability reporting’ forms the starting block for ‘sustainable business decisions’.     


Improve4all is a keen advocate of sustainable business. We become even more enthusiastic when sustainable initiatives have an impact outside of their own company walls. Kering does that by involving the entire chain and by making the method available as open source. The results are openly presented on the website. Transparency is at its peak, a necessary foundation for sustainable change. An example that deserves to be followed.    

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PostedAugust 19, 2015, in Step 7: sustainable excellence
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