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TGTHR: Doing business sustainably together
PostedJanuary 21, 2015, in  Step 8: sustainable society
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Sustainability is beginning to take shape in the Netherlands. We are moving slowly but surely forward: less waste and lower energy costs are on the wish list of many CEOs. Step by step in the right direction, but is it enough? Are we doing enough to have a habitable planet in the far future?



Not good enough for the state of disintegration of our planet….  

Hot or not?

Through the greater social awareness, almost every day, someone ‘sees the light’. Inspired, they rediscover ‘the sustainability wheel’, presented as ‘the one and only’ sustainable solution. Makes sense, because presenting a new idea is ‘hot’. Whoever shows himself to be innovative, takes the sustainability reins as a pioneer. Using someone else’s powerful idea, is less popular. A missed opportunity because precisely the proven ideas offer plenty of chances.  With new ideas, it’s a case of ‘wait and see’: are they really going to change the world with their own, individual solutions?

Beyond the hype

With the current technological opportunities a new platform is quickly realised. With smart use of social media and online marketing, a community is created where people and businesses meet each other. Seems like a good thing, but how sustainable is a community like that? Sustainability stands or falls with an eye for the environment, integration with the greater whole. And that is precisely what is missing in many initiatives: connection with other sustainable initiatives. What then is the added value in the long term? What remains once the hype comes to a standstill?

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Faster and more efficient

Of course it’s great when people embrace sustainable thinking. But if we really want to make the world more beautiful, then we must dare to be critical of sustainable initiatives. Not for the sake of being critical, but because so much more is possible. If we do it together, if we join forces, we can make the Netherlands more sustainable faster and more efficiently. And that is exactly what TGTHR (together) has in mind.

Top gear

TGTHR wants to link existing networks in the Netherlands with each other. That will lead to one large value network where new technologies, services, market developments and business models will be presented. TGTHR is for individuals and businesses, for every potential stakeholder. Together, we put sustainable enterprise in the Netherlands into top gear.  

Not an unnecessary luxury

Bearing the vision in mind, TGTHR is also based on an existing idea: as early as 2004 The Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire noticed that sustainable initiatives were for the most part fragmented. A joining of forces is therefore not an unnecessary luxury, was one of the conclusions from the report Gearing Up:

Despite achieving impressive momentum, the corporate responsibility (CR) movement is bumping up against real limits. Most company initiatives are too peripheral from core businesses, too isolated from one another, and too disconnected from wider systems to make much of a collective impact. To reach its full potential, the movement must shift gear. Specifically, companies must address the fundamental questions of how to achieve the necessary scale in their responses to global problems and how to help catalyze the development of more effective global governance frameworks.



TGTHR is an independent, open community. In 2015, TGTHR will become the place where people come together for inspiration, to share experiences and to help each other to find solutions. TGTHR is the central hub where, among other things, valuable information, expertise, inspirational content and hands-on tools in the area of sustainable enterprise will be brought together. Via numerous exchange opportunities: blogs, white papers, magazines, forums, expert panels, events, labs, training and coaching.  

Grab opportunities

TGTHR is an initiative of Alcedo Media and sustainability expert Lars Moratis. We are convinced that together we can put sustainable enterprise in the Netherlands into top gear. 2015 will be called the ‘Year of the Light’. We have seen the light and are joining forces to go for it. Join our community and sign up for free on  

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PostedJanuary 21, 2015, in Step 8: sustainable society
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