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Improve4all and LAQI form a partnership
PostedNovember 11, 2015, in  Step 8: sustainable society
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October 5 2015 will go down in the books as a special day, because Improve4all signed a partnership agreement with Latin American Quality Institute (LAQI). A partnership aimed at knowledge sharing, built on the shared ambition for sustainable business.


The LAQI is a private non-profit organization located in Panama City. With more than 2,900 members from 19 Latin-American countries, the LAQI is the booster of Quality Management and Sustainable Development in South and Central America. In 2014 the LAQI provided training to no less than 550 companies. The knowledge gained is shared in the magazine, Quality Management, which has a worldwide circulation of 150,000 copies. In brief: the LAQI plays a key role in the development of sustainable business in Latin America. 


Total Responsibility

Under the header ‘40 + 10 acciones’ the LAQI published a Charter with a new standard for Total Responsibility. In this, five ambitions come together:

  1. Total Quality (i.e. maximum customer satisfaction, continuous attention to process management and human resources).
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility (i.e. increasing transparency, setting public goals and creating self-learning organizations).
  3. Sustainable Development (i.e. focus on sustainable energy, re-use of materials and doing business with respect for the eco system).
  4. Education Quality (i.e. increasing leadership skills, stimulating the educational climate and attention to rights, obligations, values and norms).
  5. Fair Trade (i.e. respect for people and environment, fair prices and the creation of equal opportunities for disadvantaged groups). Partly because these norms are based on the Global Compact Principles of the United Nations, they receive widespread support. That probably explains the continuous growth of the LAQI. 



Improve4all and LAQI together, will put their backs into promoting Quality Management and Sustainable Development. The two go hand in hand: Sustainable Development is essential for Total Quality and vice versa. The challenge is to make businesses aware of the power of cross-breeding. In addition, Improve4all and LAQI will exchange extensive knowledge and tools with each other, and with interested companies.

RADAR, EFQM and Integrated Reporting

Improve4all wants to introduce Latin America to, among other things:

  • RADAR: structured evaluation of processes and results. Based on that, concrete points for improvement are determined. RADAR is a smart tool for the realization of a self-learning organization.
  • EFQM Excellence Model: a proven effective business management model for the creation of excellent, sustainable business results.
  • Integrated Reporting: the best method for integrating non-financial results in business operations. Essential for a sustainable future and valuable for attracting capital. 

Power of collaboration

Improve4all believes in the power of collaboration. We are all stakeholders of our planet and that brings responsibility with it. But sharing knowledge and expertise, Improve4all supports businesses towards future proof enterprise. Excellent entrepreneurship based on sustainable principles, because that is good for the business and the planet. Sustainability is not an obligation, sustainability is a chance. 

‘Through the agreement LAQI-Improve4all, we want to address in the responsible development of companies both America and Europe. This partnership represents our commitment to further enrich business decisions under a sustainable approach to achieve higher levels of productivity and effectiveness.’ − Dr. Daniel Maximilian Da Costa, CEO and Founder of LAQI


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PostedNovember 11, 2015, in Step 8: sustainable society
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