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Looking back on 2014
PostedDecember 17, 2014, in  Step 8: sustainable society
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When it comes to sustainability, 2014 will go down in the books as relatively successful. Sustainability is steadily gaining ground but there’s still a long way to go. All too often is seen as a burden instead of a challenge, a missed opportunity. If you are curious about how this works exactly, here is a selection of the relevant articles of the past year.  
Source: NASA.


Every organization can benefit from a strong leader with a sharp vision, commercial insight and an eye for people. But how can you give that solid shape? By nature, female leaders are a step ahead, but the power of friendliness, self-reflection and trust can achieved by everyone. Want to know more? Read the articles below again: 

Food Problems

In the West it is often taken for granted, but it isn’t: food is a fundamental need that is a daily cause for concern for many people. The global food supply is under pressure, while the world population continues to grow. That requires new, innovative solutions.  Want to know more? Read the articles below again:


There’s no success without motivated, enthusiastic employees. But how can you stimulate your employees to get the best out of them? Having talent is a starting point, not a guarantee. Motivation is strongly influenced by the interaction between freedom and responsibility. Want to know more? Read the articles below again:


There is no time to lose because the planet waits for no man. Making business operations more sustainable is not a luxury but simply common sense. The future belongs to the ‘integral thinkers’. Want to know more? Read the articles below again:

Mindfulness and happiness

Life is more than just business. Professional success is nice, but certainly not a guarantee for happiness. In fact, stress lies in wait. How do you stay well-balanced? With a few practical tips, happiness can be achieved by everyone.  Want to know more? Read the articles below again:

See you in 2015!

In 2015 our journey towards sustainable excellence will continue. Improve4all will continue to blog on the subjects of sustainable opportunities, challenges and experiences. Not only because it is essentially important, but also because it provides so many chances: 'Sustainability should be seen as a competitive advantage rather than as a burden’ (Marc Grynberg, CEO Umicore).  


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

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PostedDecember 17, 2014, in Step 8: sustainable society
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