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Workshop Integrated Reporting
PostedJuly 01, 2015, in  Step 5: improve & innovate
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Investors, regulators and traders share a common irritation: the lack of transparency in companies. The profit and loss account only gives limited insight into how an organization is functioning. More transparency is needed to properly assess how a company is really doing. And that is precisely the goal of Integrated Reporting.  

Positive contribution

Sustainability has the wind in its back. More and more companies are becoming aware of their social position and want to make a positive contribution to the world, and for the company itself: those who make a sustainable impression on stakeholders show that they have a clear long term strategy.  That, in turn, is good for investors. Sustainability therefore can be combined well with commercial ambitions, but how do you convince the stakeholders?  



Investors need clarity; they want to know where they stand. Not just when it comes to financial housekeeping, but also criteria such as labour, raw materials, intellectual property and reputation. Each one has an influence on the strategic position of a company, now and in the future. Accountability for financial and non-financial performance is allocated in a standardised way in an Integrated Report.  

New reality

Integrated Reporting is not hype, it is the new reality. Stimulated by the IIRC (International Integrated Reporting Council) Integrated Reporting is rapidly developing into the new standard in the area of sustainable reporting. Some of the Dutch front runners include Akzo Nobel, DSM, TNT Express, PostNL and Philips.  


During the first annual conference of Kwaliteit in Bedrijf in September 2015, Improve4all will give a stimulating workshop on Integrated Reporting (in Dutch). In a short space of time the basics will be explained, after which the participants will complete a self-assessment. By sharing knowledge it will quickly become clear why Integrated Reporting is a valuable bridge to the capital market. NB: this workshop can structurally change your views on sustainability reporting! 

Integrated Reporting Framework. Source: IIRC

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PostedJuly 01, 2015, in Step 5: improve & innovate
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