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PostedJanuary 03, 2013, in  Step 1: quick check
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We live in the era of crisis. Whether it concerns the banking sector, real estate or individual EU countries’ budgets: they are all vulnerable and a call for change is heard. One of the most called for instruments: more and better control. This is not without cause….    


The same thing annoys all investors, shareholders and supervisors: the lack of transparency of businesses. The profit and loss account alone only gives some insights into the operations of organisations. More transparency is required to be able to judge how a company is really doing.


Value creation

The classic way of reporting is over. The time of integrated reporting has come: a new form of reporting that concerns the value creation activities of organisations. The financial performance remains important of course, but next to that there is also room for non-financial performance: how have the financial results been achieved? And what effects did the business operations have on the quality of life for people and planet? In short: how sustainable is the business conducted?  

More than hype

Integrated reporting is more than ‘the newest hype’ and is embraced by more and more multinationals. By example: in 2011 only 40% of the 50 largest Dutch companies were engaged in integrated reporting. In 2012 this percentage increased to 90! Even the British crown prince Charles favours the practice of integrated reporting …



In May 2013 the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) launches the new G4 guidelines for sustainability reporting. Although these guidelines will focus more on the relevance of the aspects reported (materiality), they also take a head start with regards to the integrated reporting guidelines currently under development. Luckily the EFQM Model is an integrated model and that is why the EFQM community is awaiting the new reporting guidelines with confidence!

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PostedJanuary 03, 2013, in Step 1: quick check
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