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More insight through self-assessment
PostedFebruary 25, 2015, in  Step 8: sustainable society
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In the blog of January 21, I introduced TGTHR (Together) to you: the new platform in the Netherlands to put sustainable enterprise in a higher gear. What gear are you in? And your organization? What position are you really in? Self-assessment points the way.


5 gears

The Gearing Up framework from Avastone Consulting helps turn ideas and ambitions into reality, making it also suitable for sustainable transformations. In this framework, 5 gears are defined:

  1. Comply: ‘The business of business is business.’ The sustainable activities are limited to legal obligations and philanthropy.
  2. Volunteer: ‘Impact reduction and eco-efficiency.’ The importance of sustainability is recognized but translating it into practice is limited to public relations and legal obligations. One way traffic from the organization to the stakeholders.
  3. Partner: ‘Proactive risk management.’ In partnership with stakeholders (customers, suppliers, NGOs etc.), sustainable solutions are developed. There is real interaction and public-private collaboration.
  4. Integrate: ‘Sustainability strategically embedded.’ Value creation and social results are seen as part of the competitive strength. Sustainability is integrated in all processes and systems, as well as in the entire production chain.
  5. Redesign: ‘Reshaping the rules of the game.’ Sustainable enterprise leads to the structural sustainability of financial systems, markets and business models. Network participation brings about large scale change and at different levels: micro (company & industry), meso (man & society), and macro (the planet). 

The power of self-assessment

As a fanatic ‘EFQM-believer’ I fully believe in self-assessment. The questionnaire below will give you a quick insight into your sustainable state of play. For all four columns, pick the most obvious answer. Differentiate between your own situation and that of the company, and between the current and desirable situation. 


Register on TGTHR

There’s a good chance that there is a difference between your current gear and your desired gear. The same goes for your organization, because sustainable improvements are almost always possible. Are you curious about how you can switch to the next gear?  Then register quickly on www.tgthr.nl for useful practical tips, business cases and detailed background information. The wheel has already been invented and it is waiting for you. 

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PostedFebruary 25, 2015, in Step 8: sustainable society
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