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PostedSeptember 11, 2013, in  Step 3: self assessment
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Fitness lovers recognise it: boot camp. In a short time doing a series of intensive exercises. Feared and celebrated because it is both challenging and effective. This also applies to the first Quality Bootcamp xs, where in just half a day participants get acquainted with several effective tools for sustainable change processes.

Photo New Leaf Initiative (source The Flexible Platform)

A winning combination

In a previous blog I wrote about the winning combination of The Natural Step (TNS) and the EFQM Excellence Model. The TNS Framework is an ideal tool to develop a strategy based on sustainable development. The EFQM Model then provides the tools to effectively implement the strategy in the organisation. But how do close the gap from theory to practice?

Useful tools

From October 2013 every quarter The Flexible Platform and Improve4all will organise a boot camp, a half-day basic training. The starting point is always the same: a brief theoretical introduction combined with practical exercises. With the purpose to provide a set of practical tools that you can use for some time to come.

Illustration Ivo van Leeuwen

Strengths and weaknesses

During the boot camp is a series of exercises are done in groups using a case study based on The Natural Step Framework. This way you get to know RADAR, part of the EFQM Excellence Model. With RADAR strengths and areas for improvement are clearly mapped. And this information is useful when identifying or evaluating your sustainability activities. Several provocative questions are put forward:

  1. Why is a particular approach good, or not?
  2. What makes the implementation of an approach successful? 
  3. How do you determine that your approach and / or its implementation provide the desired result?
  4. Do the results of the implemented approach support the strategic goals?
  5. When are the results 'good'?  


Want to know how your organization is performing compared to the goals set? Are you wondering where the organisation excels and where improvements could be made? Want to know how you yourself can evaluate the performance of the organisation? Then do not miss this powertraining. The number of places is limited, so enrol quickly.      

For who?            

Project Managers, improvement managers, line managers, group leaders regardless of industry and/or size of the organisation, division, department, team.

  • What?               Quality Bootcamp xs
  • When?              3 October 2013, 08:45 to 13:00 hours
  • Where?            The Flexible Platform, Torenallee 26-18, Eindhoven
  • Investment?    € 240, - (excl. VAT) p/p, including coffee/tea/soft-drinks
  • Questions?      Contact Improve4all

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PostedSeptember 11, 2013, in Step 3: self assessment
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