‘Paris can change everything’

Live Earth 2015
PostedJune 17, 2015, in  Step 8: sustainable society
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More than one hundred artists, spread over 7 continents, performing for 24 hours non-stop: Live Earth 2015 promises to be an impactful event. The aim is also ambitious: to collect 1 billion signatures to put climate change on the political agenda. 

Climate Agreement

From 30 November to 11 December 2015 the Paris Climate Conference 2015 is taking place. Led by the United Nations, world leaders will try to come to a new climate agreement. The need is great because 2014 is going down in the books as the warmest year since the monitoring began in 1880. Reason for former presidential candidate, Al Gore, to act.  

Live Earth at Wemley Stadium, 2007 (photo UKWiki, Wikimedia Commons)

‘Bringing humanity together’

It is not the first time that Live Earth has been organized. In 2007 Gore, together with TV producer Kevin Wall, also organized this mega event. For the 2015 edition, performances are planned for New York, South Africa, Australia, China, Brazil and Paris. Creative Director is Pharrell Williams: ‘We want to bring humanity together; it’s not just about the performances.’    

Ultimate goal

Live Earth took its inspiration from the Live Aid benefit concerts organized by Bob Geldof. In 2007 Geldof expressed criticism of Live Earth, because of its lack of ultimate goal. The organization clearly took that to heart because Live Earth 2015 stands for ‘Zero Global Warming Pollution. Zero Extreme Poverty’.  

‘Our goal is for world leaders to sign a strong emissions reductions agreement in Paris. We think that agreement should include a long-term commitment to Zero Global Warming Pollution. If we stop adding global warming pollution, like carbon emissions, to the atmosphere, we will put ourselves on a path to Zero Extreme Poverty.’ 

Take action

Live Earth is an extremely relevant, noble initiative. Climate change affects us all and the consequences are visible in the media on an almost daily basis. Time to take action the petition can be signed now on www.liveearth.org. Get moving and let your voice be heard. ‘Paris can change everything’, says Live Earth. Let’s hope so, because it’s really necessary. 


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PostedJune 17, 2015, in Step 8: sustainable society
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