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A fresh start
PostedOctober 10, 2012, in  Step 1: quick check
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People, Planet, Profit… Practice?

It has become a true vogue word by now: sustainability. The press regularly publishes on our planet's vulnerability, increasing food prices and the scarcity of raw materials that is drawing near with rapid strides. An appealing story, because it relates to all of us. But are all these reports really effective? What, for example, are our ladies and gentlemen of the cabinet actually doing? 'Sustainability' is even a scarcely used term during election time...  

Work to be done

Also in the corporation ‘The Netherlands’ People, Planet & Profit triangle made its entry, but how about the Practice? More and more small-scale tangible, useful initiatives take place, but to what extent is this relevant for companies with profit as their main target? Research performed by Deloitte proved that only a handful of multinationals 'succeeded to develop and preserve a sustainable strategy for the company’. So there's work to be done...  

The sun's power

Heads up for the small group of people that do succeed. An inspiring example is Bertrand Piccard, he set up a unique project with Solar Impulse; an airplane driven by solar energy. Plane constructors didn't see the point of it - 'it is impossible' - but a man like Piccard doesn't really care. So he was the first to make an intercontinental journey with a 'solar plane'. The video says more than a thousand words.


Hearts and minds

It's no surprise for those who follow my blog; I've been engaged in management improvement by means of the EFQM Excellence Model for years now, and - as a result - sustainability. Because only when the internal management is settled, we control the effect of our actions on our environment to the max. That is important, because the cliché really is true; sustainability has an effect on the future of us all.  So I keep fighting to get sustainability in the hearts and minds, both on the business and private area.  


The day I write this blog, it's ‘10/10’, or Sustainability Day. A perfect moment for a fresh start; I will use this weekly blog to report on current developments, special meetings and interesting events. From Veldhoven to Abu Dhabi, and from inspiring gurus to the greengrocer around the corner; the way to a sustainable planet is full of surprises. I would love to share my experiences with the world, to Improve4all.

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PostedOctober 10, 2012, in Step 1: quick check
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