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EFQM Excellence: today and tomorrow
PostedApril 03, 2013, in  Step 4: continuous improvement
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Nothing lasts forever. Projects are started and completed. New insights lead to new publications and new role models. And be warned, because the EFQM Excellence Award assessment teams are on the move again…  

Who will be the 2013 EFQM Excellence Award Winner?

EEA 2013 Assessment Paul Evans (Improve4all)

As every year in January and February EFQM put the EEA-assessment teams together. After an individual preparation period, in March all teams met up in Brussels for the 'briefing event’. During a relaxing and inspiring get-together the groundwork for the EFQM Excellence Award assessments in May / June was completed. The big question is always which organizations will receive the honours this year. In October at the EFQM Forum in beautiful Vienna the EEA 2013 winners will be announced!

Achieving Excellence, EFQM Forum 2013, Vienna (EFQM)

Book Launch

The role and responsibilities of companies are under discussion. The central question is: how can organizations simultaneously serve multiple stakeholders, both inside and outside the organization? The goal: a balanced use of the four forms of capital, being social, human, environmental and financial. The new Dutch book Derde Generatie Kwaliteitsmanagement (third generation quality management) describes the search for existing and new insights in the field of quality management. As Improve4all I contributed to this book with a chapter on the role and importance of social results in the EFQM Excellence Model. The book will be presented on 30th of May, during the 17th National Quality Congress in the Netherlands. As Improve4all I will provide a workshop on the EFQM-chapter in the book.

3GQM Book cover (Kluwer)

Sustainability Report 2012 for ASML

Sustainability is not a one trick pony, but a continuous process. Similarly, neither was the creation of the 2012 Sustainability Report for the Dutch chip machine manufacturer ASML. The report was completed over a period of six months, a time in which many aha-moments were experienced providing a nice base to build upon.

Every beginning has an ending ...

After more than two years the challenging interim management assignment at ASML as come to an end. As Corporate Sustainability Manager I have enjoyed the pleasant cooperation with people on all levels in the organisation. ASML is a vibrant company with innovation at the core of its being. I will continue as sustainability professional looking for new challenges in the context of creating a more sustainable world. And for me too innovation, in the way we think and act, is at the top of my priority list!

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PostedApril 03, 2013, in Step 4: continuous improvement
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