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A better world is not as difficult as it seems
PostedSeptember 18, 2013, in  Step 8: sustainable society
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Global challenges require global solutions. This sounds like a complex combination of consultations, policies and guidelines, with complexity as the red thread running through them. Yet this does not have to be the prerequisite: a sustainable future is not as difficult as it seems. Meet Plan B of Improve4all.

Plan B for Business (bron

Prerequisite: stop geoengineering

Geoengineering is influencing the climate by scattering nanoparticles in the stratosphere. A strategy that literally leaves traces, because the nanoparticles are visible as white stripes in the sky. But there are also tracks that are less visible: nanoparticles lead to acidification and contamination of soil, water and atmosphere, resulting in related health risks (cancer, Alzheimer's). Dr. Perlingieri conducted in an independent scientific research into these 'chemtrails'. Her findings provide a revealing outlook on the harmful effects on humans and animals ...

Plan B Step 1: embrace the new definition of entrepreneurship

The Earth is about 4.6 billion years old. Mankind is industrially active for around 200 years, but already has created a lot of problems. The population grows and the availability of raw materials diminishes. This requires innovative, sustainable solutions, but the pursuit of profit maximization is an obstacle. We need a new definition for doing business. A shared, uniform definition in which businesses are aware of their role in society. The company of the future creates value in all capital categories and is profitable because of it.

Plan B Step 2: choose consciously for a sustainable business

How to make the translation to your own practice? 5 helpful tips:

  1. Use The Natural Step Framework to define a sustainable vision, mission and strategy;
  2. Take Shared Value as a starting point for designing your business model;
  3. Choose to become a B Corporation;
  4. Use the EFQM Excellence Model to achieve your vision;
  5. Create an Integrated Report and share with your stakeholders what you have achieved and how.  

Female leadership

We do not need to re-invent the wheel. All tools have already been developed, are available and fully tested. A conscious choice, that's the point. Perhaps it works better with a more diverse management team?

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PostedSeptember 18, 2013, in Step 8: sustainable society
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