‘It’s time to go all-in’

An increasing number of companies are opting for sustainable entrepreneurship
PostedJanuary 28, 2015, in  Step 5: improve & innovate
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‘Only a low-carbon economy can bring lead to sustainable economic growth and prosperity for everyone.’ Signed: The B Team, a partnership of business leaders worldwide. Sir Richard Branson (CEO Virgin Group), Paul Polman (CEO Unilever) and Archbishop Desmond Tutu among others have endorsed this message:  it is time for ‘Bold Climate Action’.



The B Team is a non-profit initiative that stands for a Plan B for business, with sustainable entrepreneurship as the common denominator. Plan B is a statement against short term thinking and striving for maximum profits that is commonplace in the business world. Instead, a balance between People, Planet and Profit is called for. Now, of itself, this message is not immediately innovative, but it is for the strategic alliance that has now arisen in order to realise Plan B: We Mean Business.  

An opportunity rather than a risk

We Mean Business is a partnership between The B Team and seven large business networks worldwide. Together they form a coalition that stands for a new way of doing business.  There, climate change is regarded as an opportunity rather than a risk. The central issue is striving for a low-carbon economy. On the one hand by reducing energy consumption, on the other by investing in new technologies, products and services.   

Speed is essential

The ultimate goal is a carbon-free ‘Zero Emission Economy’ before the end of the 21st century. That can only happen if businesses and governments dare to make a choice and dare to invest. Speed is essential since We Mean Business has pointed out that the transition to a sustainable economy is progressing too slowly. The time for half-hearted measures is over: it is time for Bold Climate Action.  

90% less emissions: it is possible!

Despite all the good intentions, at times the challenges seem insurmountable. Fortunately, that set a good example, such as Interface, global market leader in carpet tiles. This British company was quick off the mark: Mission Zero started as early as 1996. In the meantime, the company runs on 100% sustainable energy, almost no water and almost no unusable waste. The carbon dioxide emission has decreased by as much as 90%. The infographic shows how Interface achieved this fantastic performance. An example that should be followed. 

Source: Interface Europe


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PostedJanuary 28, 2015, in Step 5: improve & innovate
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