How internet education is changing the world

The success of U.Lab
PostedMay 06, 2015, in  Step 7: sustainable excellence
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Ten years ago, educational institutions began to make study material available via internet. That started with a limited number of courses that were followed by a few dozen students, but that is all in the past. In 2015, tens of thousands of students from dozens of countries take part in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC’s). A revolution is at hand and it will not be limited solely to education…

28,000 participants

The internet offers boundless opportunities. Not just to share knowledge but also to initiate a movement. And that is precisely the objective of U.Lab: transforming business, society & self. Not an empty ambition, because no less than 28,000 participants from 190 countries followed the programme at the beginning of this year. In this way, U.Lab shows the potential power of a successful MOOC


Unique contribution

U.Lab is the initiative of Dr. Otto Scharmer, among others. He is an economist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). U.Lab is based on his book Theory U, where Scharmer introduces his vision on personal leadership. The principle: the world is facing major social, cultural and climate-related issues. How can I, as an individual, make a unique contribution that is in line with what the environment really needs? That starts with self-knowledge, or as Scharmer says: recognizing your ‘blind spot’

Learn to listen

U.Lab challenges us to learn how to listen again, to experience the world in a new manner. Look carefully around you and see what there is. Be open to others without immediately forming an opinion. Be aware of who you are, what you stand for and what you can contribute. New insights are within arm’s reach. The U is synonymous with this process: first ‘go deep’, then gradually transform the insights into actions. 

Want to know more?

Improve4all writes columns and articles for the Dutch magazine Kwaliteit in Bedrijf. In the May edition, U.Lab is discussed in the column; in the August edition, there will be a detailed interview with Dr. Otto Scharmer. If you cannot wait that long: contact us for tips & tricks. 



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PostedMay 06, 2015, in Step 7: sustainable excellence
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