GRI Conference 2013: the road to zero impact?

PostedMay 22, 2013, in  Step 6: continuous innovation
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The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) manages thé standard for sustainability reporting. Today - May 22, 2013 - an international group of people is gathering in Amsterdam. At the GRI conference 2013 as many as 1,500 participants will witness the birth of the brand new guidelines: GRI G4.

GRI Conference 2013 (GRI)

Zero impact

What the new guidelines will bring remains to be seen. As far as Improve4all is concerned 'zero impact' will be the motto. John Elkington - GRI keynote speaker – has been saying it for a while: the time of waiting is over; something should really be done now. Transparent reporting is not going to be enough: there is an urgent need for innovative ideas for ‘doing otherwise’.  

Total impact

In itself sustainability reporting does not lead to change. This is evident from the simple fact that the relationship with the impact of the total value chain is still missing. So it can happen that a company nicely reports on its reduction of waste, energy and water, while down the line their products are causing mass bee deaths. What do you mean sustainable?

Bee (Wikimedia Commons)

An appropriate response

In one of the parallel sessions during the GRI conference also the consultation draft of the Integrated Reporting Framework will be discussed. This discussion document will form the basis for the Integrated Reporting Guidelines. Several terms and concepts are passed for review.

In any case on one of the question Improve4all already has a suitable answer: "How should the reliability of an integrated report be demonstrated?" The answer is obvious: use the EFQM Excellence Model, for decade’s thé European model for excellent business management.  

Next week: a look behind the scenes of the GRI Conference 2013.

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PostedMay 22, 2013, in Step 6: continuous innovation
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