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3 state-of-the-art solutions
PostedNovember 19, 2014, in  Step 4: continuous improvement
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Windmills, solar energy, tidal currents, geothermal:  an increasing number of sustainable initiatives are blossoming. Often on a large scale and initiated by the government, but a growing number of private individuals are also realizing that sustainability is important and that it provides opportunities. Those who live more energy efficiently, see that immediately reflected in their wallet. But what is really the best way to save energy? It all starts with an investment, so what is a wise investment?  Improve4all picked three state-of-the-art solutions that you must not miss.  

Solution 1: self-learning lighting

It’s old news by now that led light bulbs are a lot more economical than the traditional light bulb. But what is less well-known is that led light bulbs can also be used in a total self-learning system. And that is precisely the added value of Ledology: and integrated system that takes light measurements itself and takes the user into account. At sundown the lights begin to glow gently, and in emergencies they burn brightly. If there is no one in the vicinity, lights never burn unnecessarily. This way, saving energy becomes really simple. In public places (for example, apartment buildings) Ledology is already a fact. That’s good to know: the Ledology light bulbs are good for no less than 100,000 hours of use, and are therefore extremely maintenance-friendly.  


Solution 2: heating using ice shavings

The Solar Freezer was invented by the brothers Roderick and Floris Wolters of the company Solar Solutions Worldwide. It is a combined system of solar collectors, a heating pump and a flexible rubber ‘buffer bag’. The bag is placed in the crawl space under a house and subsequently filled with tap water. The solar collectors heat the water, after which the heating pump actually extracts the heat. The water cools down to -1 degree Celsius and changes to ice shavings. A lot of energy is generated, and can be used for both the central heating and the hot water supply. The remaining heat is neatly stored away to be used later. Then the process starts all over again. A total solution with an ambitious objective: a € 0 gas bill!    


Solution 3: the wood burner comeback

For centuries, the wood burner was the only source of heat in the house. With the coming of gas burners, many wood burners disappeared from the living room, but they are now enjoying a modest comeback: the Walltherm burners are in fact connected to a heat exchanger. In this device, water is heated up with fumes from the burner. The heat exchanger is connected to an accumulator, from which the water is used for heating and hot water supply.  For a total solution solar collectors are also connected to the accumulator. The Walltherm burners are efficient and financially attractive: wood is cheaper than gas. Sustainability and ambiance go together really well. 

As fast as lightning

This is just a small sample of all that is available. Sustainable innovations are moving fast as lightning and therefore becoming increasingly interesting, to both individuals and businesses. From transparent solar panels to your very own windmill in the back yard: the Sky is the Limit. We will continue to follow them.

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PostedNovember 19, 2014, in Step 4: continuous improvement
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