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Genuine attention for yourself and each other
PostedDecember 02, 2015, in  Step 7: sustainable excellence
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The New Year is a reason for many people to look back on the year gone by: what went well and what could be better? That analysis is the inspiration for 'good resolutions'. De-stressing always scores high, but how do you make sure that it remains just an ambition? A yoga holiday, like at Sadhaka in France, did that for me this year.

Moment of reflection

Patricia Benjamins and Wim Molinello had a good thing going: fine work, a nice house and financial security. The complete package, until in 2003, they had, in their own words, 'a moment of reflection'. 'We asked each other: is this what we want? Are we realizing our full potential? Then we formulated our vision clearly. We transformed the key words 'work, individuality, career and money' into 'engagement, ecological, spiritual and creative'.


Creative and spiritual holidays

The couple decided to swap their busy life in the Netherlands for a more relaxed life in France, with genuine attention for each other and for nature. Under the name Sadhaka they began giving yoga courses. That caught on, partly thanks to the combination with art: students are given the opportunity to develop creatively. In 2012, Patricia and Wim in Orsènnes bought an old water mill. It was renovated with the help of volunteers. Now is ‘Le Moulin d’Orsènnes’ has been given a second lease of life as a centre for creative and spiritual holidays.


Spiritual development

The name 'Sadhaka' comes from the Sanskrit and means ‘spiritual seeker’, a person who wants to develop spiritually and detach themselves from earthly things. At Sadhaka the name also stands for:

  • S - samenzijn (together)
  • A - aandacht voor elkaar (attention for each other)
  • D - delen van je plek (share your place)
  • H - werken vanuit en met je hart (work from and with your heart)
  • A - aanwezig zijn (being present)
  • K - kreativiteit (creativity)
  • A - active participation

At Sadhaka, awareness, self-development and personal growth are central. Visitors to Sadhaka quickly realize they are part of a greater whole. That solidarity, with plenty of space for individual wishes and needs, is typical of Sadhaka.


Varied selection

Sadhaka offers the visitor a varied holiday. The selection includes yoga, mindfulness and tantra, but also painting, sculpting and djembe. Le Moulin is situated in a quiet, green area in central France. A must for anyone who wants to get away from it all in a pleasant setting. For me it was a great success. 

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PostedDecember 02, 2015, in Step 7: sustainable excellence
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