3 reasons to become an EFQM Assessor

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PostedJuly 03, 2013, in  Step 6: continuous innovation
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Regularly I take part in EFQM assessment teams. Last month I did the annual EFQM Excellence Awards assessment, again with great pleasure, as the assessment gave me another inspiring organisation to learn from. But this is not an exclusive privilege, because there is another opportunity to act as an EFQM Assessor namely as internal EFQM Assessor. Curious?

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Substantial contribution

There are three good reasons to become an EFQM Assessor:

  1. All doors open: as assessor you come into contact with organisations from different sectors. You meet people who you would otherwise never encounter.
  2. Unprecedented learning: as assessor you are challenged to get the best out of yourself. In a short period of time you will learn a lot about organisational management.
  3. Helping others: as 'outsider' you the right person to identify the 'blind spots' in the organisation. You make a significant contribution and that is very satisfying.

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The basics

At EFQM there are three levels of training for assessors. Who knows little about the EFQM Excellence Model does well to start with the online Basic Assessor Training (BAT). The name says it all: all the basics are covered. A valuable starting point.

External Assessor

For years the EFQM Assessor Training (EAT) has covered the entire process of the EFQM Excellence Award program. All steps in it are discussed and that is why this training is also valuable for organisations preparing themselves for the Award assessment. Anyone going for the EFQM Award better prepares well and then this training should not be missed.

Internal Assessor

New this year is the Internal Assessor Training (IAT). Specially designed for organisations that have been actively engaged in sustainable excellence for some time and want to take the next step, possibly towards EFQM recognition. During this training several self-assessment methods are reviewed, but the course especially zooms in on the Internal Assessment method. Everything is based on the EFQM Excellence Model of course. After the training participants are set up to make a continuing and valuable contribution to the organisation as internal EFQM assessor!

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'For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them', Aristotle once said. That includes this training course, so dare to take the step, take action and sign up via mail. Inspirational high-speed learning is guaranteed!

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PostedJuly 03, 2013, in Step 6: continuous innovation
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