2016: the year of integral thinking

Towards a new awareness with Spiral Dynamics Integral
PostedNovember 25, 2015, in  Step 5: improve & innovate
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‘It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change’ (Charles Darwin). Evolution is driven by the ability of a species to adapt to changing circumstances. For that, every person is naturally equipped with a deep-seated urge to survive, to respond to the environment and always to strive for renewal and improvement. And therein lies the key to a sustainable future.

Development stages

A steady job in the prosperous West or famine in a third world country: living circumstances differ greatly. Those living in a conflict area are focused on survival. By contrast, in peaceful countries there is much more room for social ideals. Regardless of individual circumstances, basically everyone is focused on growth and development. Throughout the course of his life, every person will go through certain development stages. The American management consultants Don Beck and Christopher Cowan have described that process in their theory about Spiral Dynamics: a model for developing awareness using personal values. 

Source: www.welcometouncertainty.blogspot.nl

Two levels

The spiral consists of different colors. Each color represents a type of awareness. Those suffering hunger, war or disease, find themselves at the bottom of the spiral. As living conditions improve, space for new awareness emerges. For example, a person who does voluntary work for the community is no longer thinking only of himself and rises in the spiral.    

Green awareness

Spiral Dynamics is a value system: every color has unique characteristics, powers, talents and pitfalls. There are two levels: everything up to an including green is level 1, where focus mainly lies on the values of the individual. Yellow and turquoise together form level 2, where seeing the whole picture plays a key role. 95% of humanity is in level 1 (40% blue, 30% orange, 10% green). About 150 years ago, green awareness came into bloom. That led to major changes: the environmental and women's movements emerged and child labor was prohibited in many countries.  

System thinking

Anno 2016 we are on the verge of a new turning point: an increasing number of people are thinking 'yellow’. Integral thinking is on the rise: the realization that everything is connected and only integral solutions lead to a sustainable future. Taking joint responsibility for the bigger picture, while recognizing that collaboration is the key to synergy. Not surprising then that yellow ocher has been named 'Color of the Year 2016’.    

Would you like to know how you can improve business processes with integral thinking? Start at the beginning and be inspired by Improve4all. Feel free to contact us and discover the possibilities. 

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PostedNovember 25, 2015, in Step 5: improve & innovate
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